Eating Rainbows at #OurMessyBrekku

A couple weeks back, on the Pride Week, we attended to a beautiful plant-based pop-up breakfast by the incredibly talented Ida Ginman, who I had the privilege to meet during my time in Australia, and her friend, the brekku-queen Tara Junker. The breakfast pop-up took place in a cute german cafe just few steps from our door step. Our Sunday morning couldn’t have had any better start.

Here are some photos of our rainbow breakfast spread. Obviously we had to try everything on the menu.

Rainbow Tapioca Pudding (coconut vanilla spiced tapioca pudding with

rhubarb and raspberry compote)

Unicorn Toast (pea mash, pickles and flowers / pink cauliflower spread, avo stars and peas)

Summer Feels Juice (watermelon, lime, strawberry and apple) and

Galaxy Raw Porridge (blueberry cacao buckwheat porridge with nordic berries)

Everything was so dreamy beautiful and delicious. You could tell these girls love what they do. To me, it’s so inspiring to see people bravely fulfilling their dreams and doing what they love. Always make sure you follow your heart and do what you want the most. Life is what we make of it.

Thank you again for having us girls. I’m already waiting for your next pop-up…

Thank you for reading, have a beautiful day!

xx Ella

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Henna Party Campaign for Gypsy and the Thief

Recently I had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented people creating a Henna Party campaign for Gypsy and the Thief.

I wanted to share some of the magic created in form of photos. A special thankyou the loveliest and talented Sharni @sharrosecreative for the most beautiful henna creations.

All photos taken by @river.hazel

For thousands of years henna has been used as a sacred form of adornment and beauty. There is something magic about being adorned with natural henna, and even more so when you’re with a group of special women. Henna empowers the goddess within each of us, dropping into the parts of ourselves that are beautiful and forever magic.

Every single one of us is unique and wonderful, henna is a fantastic way to express ourselves and feel the beauty that is truly within.

Embracing your divine feminine is a magical and powerful thing. When we embrace it together it becomes even more powerful.

Get the special women of your life together and spend an afternoon embracing the magic of the divine feminine and admiring beauty in all its form.

My special women-

Ashleigh @ashleighhobbs & Zoe @zolkrebs

More info and how to book a private henna party session on

Thanks for stopping by, hope you’re having beautiful day!

xx Ella

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