Hey there and welcome to my blog!

Originally I created this blog because I’m an eternal food enthusiast and passionate about wholesome plant-based food.
Whenever I have a kitchen, I’m always experimenting new things cooking and baking wise, and wanted to bring you along on my food journey as a part of it.

I’ve been blogging about food and recipes for two years now, and as the years have gone by me and my food hobby have naturally grown. Since so many new interesting aspects have come into my life, I also feel like sharing them with you.

For the past year I’ve been able to travel more, see new parts of the world, experience different cultures and meet the most beautiful people. Through all of this I’ve learned a lot about life and also myself.

What once started as a journey into the world of healthy plant-based food has now turned into so much more.

My passion for wholesome food hasn’t changed or diminished – quite the opposite, and I will still share heaps of recipes and food related things. But because I believe in balance in all aspects of life and healthy living is not just about food, I want to share more of my life, travels and thoughts with you.

My dream is still to help others to prevent and treat diseases through nutrition, and to find them a diet that supports best their individual experience of health and wellbeing and makes them bloom.

I believe in the healing power of good nutritious food and balance between mind, body and soul as a part of holistic wellbeing.

Hopefully in my blog and in this community we create, you’ll find something that will inspire you to be the best and healthiest version of you too!

What comes to my recipes, all of them are vegan and gluten-free. I’m counting on whole foods, trying to make all my food from a scratch by myself, as that’s how I know for sure what’s on my plate. You don’t need to be a skilled cook to try my recipes, so go ahead and give it a try!

I hope you like my blog and join this journey with me!

xx Ella

You can also find me on Instagram @ellalunamaria
and on bloglovin’ Ella’s Experimental Kitchen.


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